Picks: A roundup of add-ons for Microsoft Outlook
Your emails asked me about some good add-ons for Outlook so here you go with a roundup of add-ons to give Outlook more zip!
Added 2008-02-18
How To Backup Your Email With MailStore Home
If you're anything like me, you rely on email for more a good chunk, if not most, of your personal communication. Financial, business, and family correspondence all hangs around in your inbox or email folders, ready to be accessed at a moment's notice. But if your inbox gets corrupted, or your webmail account gets hacked into, or any number of worst-case scenarios arise, you could find that precious data gone forever. Unless you have the foresight to back it up.
Added 2007-12-21
Picks: Reviews of GetRightToGo, Contacts Scrubber, Petal Palace, and more.
Reviews of software to create custom download packages, clean up your contacts list, play Pinochle, and lots more.
Added 2007-07-10