Open-Source Your Internet Life
If commercial and proprietary internet software makes you nervous or just taxes your wallet, there are lots of open source options. This article details some of the best free software for getting things done online.
Added 2008-01-30
How to Make Pidgin Remember Window Positions in Windows
If you use Pidgin for instant messaging and can't figure out why it puts message windows in the upper-left corner no matter how many times you move them elsewhere on the screen, I've got the plugin for you.
Added 2007-07-12
Goodbye, Buddy List Shuffle: All-In-One Instant Messaging
Do you have three separate buddy lists cluttering your desktop? Do your friends have a half-dozen different identities on multiple instant messaging services? It doesn't have to be that way--here are three great options for ending the "buddy list shuffle."
Added 2007-07-10