The Tucows Downloads Ratings Guide

Tucows Downloads reviewers rate and review based on the following guidelines. With the help of the software development community, we've established these criteria to weigh your applications or services both quantitatively and qualitatively. With this Guide, Reviewers evaluate applications based on a blend of opinion and absolute functionality to derive a score. While no single criterion will affect your score to the extent that it alone causes your application to be rejected, you should focus your efforts not only on providing specific features, but concentrate on the extent to which you support, expand and improve each feature.

Some of these points are clearly subjective. Remember, we are reviewing your submission. All reviews, by definition, contain subjectivity. It is our sincere hope that our evaluation of your program helps you provide better software or services to your customers. Bear in mind that our criteria are dynamic. As such, we welcome your ideas for further improvement and modification. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

If your application receives a three-, four-, or five-cow rating, congratulations! As you'll see by reading the Ratings Guide, this is no small feat. You are in the company of some of the best programmers in the world. We receive hundreds of requests each week for inclusion in the Tucows Downloads software library. The fact that you scored in the three-cow range or higher has earned you a spot on our site. This is a sign that your product is among the best of its kind.