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BotMek 1.5.8

file size: 7.30 MB

BotMek is the emulator game keyboard and mouse.

Published by:
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

In the program, you can write macros to a conventional mouse and keyboard, such macros will be an excellent assistant in online games, because pressing a key on your keyboard will perform a whole series of combo attacks. Also, the macro can perform routine work for you on the farm of mobs and automates other tasks. In FPS-shooters, you can reduce the return of weapons by setting the order of shots with a single click of the mouse.

You can download the finished macro or create it yourself. Now you do not need to buy expensive keyboards with macro support, BotMek will increase your skill level in games several times, besides, there is not any difference between an expensive keyboard and our virtual keyboard.